Storytelling for Purpose-Driven Brands

So, you've got passion! Now what? 91GRIT helps purpose-driven projects clarify their message, simplify systems & write business plans to fund their vision

Your Message IS Your Business

There’s no way around this. You have to get clear about your message or you’ll frustrate your bottom line. You have to build a system behind your business or it won’t support your vision. And if you want want funding {i.e. contracts, grants & loans} you have to write a business plan to promote that vision. So, yes... your message IS your business. 

Make the Next 91 DAYS Count

Every season needs a CORE focus, a CLEAR vision about where you want to go and the STEPS to get you there. And 91GRIT follows a simple process to get it done…



If your message is confused, your audience will be too. But once we get to the heart of your story: who you are, what you offer & why it matters, then you can reach your core people, consistently...

if there's NO MESSAGE, there's NO MOVEMENT



If your communication system breaks, your business will too. But once we find what works, then we can effectively simplify and upgrade the process for you, your team and your core audience...

if there's NO SYSTEM, there's NO FREEDOM



If your project doesn't pay for itself, it's just an expensive hobby. But once we create your 2-type business plan, then you can secure grants, loans, other funding opportunities & make your next move like a boss...

if there's NO FUNDING, there's NO BUSINESS

In other words, we focus on three key areas for personal brands ~ a COMMUNICATION strategy for your business; an INSPIRATION strategy for your life; and a FUNDING strategy for your projects.


the poet with a passion for business

I BUILD WORLDS & SIMPLIFY SYSTEMS so you can secure your funding ~ my speciality: business plans, publishing and websites for purpose-driven brands.

Hi, I’m Jamillah Warner.

BY DAY: I design clear messages and simple systems
BY NIGHT: I play with words the way the 5 year old me played with mud 


  • with a public policy degree from Vanderbilt University, 
  • and more than 15 years experience working in non-profits 
  • teaching effective communication for Fortune 500 & small startups 
and I know that if you package your message just right, it will empower your brand


  • wild and consumed with a heart for poetry 
  • and more than 15 years writing and performing spoken word 
  • mixing phenomenal woman anthems with story & music I use it to inspire 
because the person behind the brand matters too, after all she gives the business soul 



Hire me to WRITE business plans, a key step to secure funding; plus website & email copy to help you increase sales


Learn how to write a POCKET PITCH so people quickly understand who you are, what you have and why it matters


Book a private STRATEGY BLOCK to help simplify your systems, clarify next moves & leave with clear action steps


The place where passion meets action. 91-day cycles of decisions & deadlines. We work through the Lab & Sanctuary together