Got Passion! Now What?

I build worlds and simplify systems so you can secure your funding ~ my speciality: business plans, people and websites



If your message is confused, your audience will be too. But once we get to the heart of your story: who you are, what you offer & why it matters, then you can reach your core people, consistently...

if there's NO MESSAGE, there's NO MOVEMENT



If your communication system breaks, your business will too. But once we find what works, then we can effectively simplify and upgrade the process for you, your team and your core audience...

if there's NO SYSTEM, there's NO FREEDOM



If your project doesn't pay for itself, it's just an expensive hobby. But once we create your 2-type business plan, then you can secure grants, loans, other funding opportunities & make your next move like a boss...

if there's NO FUNDING, there's NO BUSINESS

Are you a purpose-driven brand or small business? Do you know what makes you interesting to your core audience? 

It might not be what you think it is. Take the 91GRIT quiz and discover what your people need and want to hear from you.


a poet with a passion for business

I play with words for purpose and pleasure. And I get it. If you package your message just right, it will empower your brand. But first...

you have to clarify the core

always write these two things down. Your core message and your two-type business plan exists to support your vision. And without them, you will frustrate your bottom line, miss out on funding and overwork your people. 

your message is your business

so, make time to design a clear one. It informs your team, attracts your audience, secures grants, loans and other funding. And I’ve seen too many companies suffer by ignoring this step. This is core, consistently share a clear and engaging message. 

if you don't care about it, who will?

for purpose-driven, small businesses & personal brands ~ I design clear messages and simple systems. With a public policy degree from Vanderbilt University, 15+ years experience working in non-profits, teaching effective communication for Fortune 500 & small startups, I know that how you communicate your vision makes or breaks your business.



Hire me to WRITE business plans, a key step to secure funding; plus website & email copy to help you increase sales


Learn how to write a POCKET PITCH so people quickly understand who you are, what you have and why it matters


Book a private STRATEGY BLOCK to help simplify your systems, clarify next moves & leave with clear action steps


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