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WHO IS THIS FOR? ~ Strategy Blocks are great to get you started, unstuck or to help you close out a project. Clients have booked sessions to get...  

  • help with product launches
  • feedback on business plans
  • planning for magazine publishing
  • strategy for website layout & content
  • sounding board to get unstuck
  • the push to set action steps that move you from idea to reality one key decision at a time ...and more!

one block


1 Block = 30 Minutes

  • one private 30 minute session 
  • it happens by phone or video 
  • if you need a FOLLOW-UP session, this is for you

two block bundle


1 Bundle = 1 Hour

  • one private 1 hour session OR
  • two 30 minute sessions
  • if you need a STARTER session, this is for you

for strategic feedback on your next move, book your block today