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I'm creating a new communication course. It's an upgraded version of the corporate training I've taught non-profit and fortune 1000 businesses over the past decade. If you're interested in being a charter member of Hot Talk and getting some of the training for free, then sign up below.

The ability to connect is the secret to creating the life you want and need.
When it comes to relating to others at work and at home, effective communication is the single most important ability that you can have. Communication is a core skill.

In my FREE, 5-part, mini-course, How To Master the Core Rules of Effective Communication. You’ll learn the three fundamental rules for effective communication. HERE'S THE KEY: Whether preparing to sell something, share a story with family or talk to your team – it’s the same communication foundation. Learn it once. Review it often. Use it forever.

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  • dynamic speaker...I related with everything. Engaging. Working in Collections Department. I use many if not all of what you shared. Thank you so much for sharing what I do every day!"
  • enjoyed hearing a speaker who knows her stuff...all of this is important: especially the part about STICs & STONES, forgiveness and about having the first 30 sec of what you say count...needed more time"

The full Hot Talk Course goes live on Sept 04, 2017 and only the Hot Talk Insiders get the best deals during the coming launch. The complete course will be an upgraded version of what I taught corporations but without the corporate price tag. Talk soon,  — Jamillah “Lady J” Warner



  • THE ONE: 5 rules that make effective communication easy to understand and easier to master
  • THE CORE 7: the primary forms of communication: what they are, why the matter and how to use them effectively
  • THE SPEAKING ABCs: the 5 things that constantly impact your public message and how to pay attention to all five every time you talk.
  • COMMUNICATION CLARITY: 5 ways to improve the way you relate to the people around you
  • COMMUNICATION CARRIERS: How to communicate to make your message S.T.I.C.
  • COMMUNICATION BARRIERS: How to communicate to element the S.T.O.N.E.S.
  • And so much more!